The first Teddy Bears were created in the early 20th century from the Steiff German company located in the town of Giengen.  The company was founded by Margarete Steiff in the late 1800’s who became one of Germany’s most famous woman entrepreneurs.  At a very young age, she suffered from polio leaving her with both legs paralyzed and pain in her right arm.  Yet despite being a woman with severe disabilities, she still managed to start up a world-renowned enterprise that continues to manufacture high quality stuffed animals for over 100 years.  Although Margaret initially starting producing mouse, rabbit and elephant stuffed animals, it was actually her nephew Richard Steiff who designed the bear that soon became “Teddy Bear” named after President Theodore Roosevelt. Over the years, the Teddy Bear evolved from looking like real bears to cute cublike bears with larger eyes and foreheads and smaller noses. Millions of Teddy Bears have since been sold around the world and continues till this day to bring happiness and joy to both children and adults alike. 

Provided By Hasmin Espiritu