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Heartwarming Personal Teddy bear Stories

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Monday, July 10, 2023 – Debbie Hilterbrandt

My daughter is now 36 years old, when she was five years old she wanted to be helpful and carried a glass bowl into the kitchen that we had popcorn and she dropped it cut my foot she was so scared that when the firemen came they gave her a teddy bear and it calmed her down and made all the difference. So OperationTeddy.org will help people in so many ways.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – Robert Carnes

“I Am No Sissy Boy”

Here I am at 81 years old, married a beautiful lady, 5 children, and 11 grandchildren, and I still have my teddy bear, even though it is in storage. I am temporarily living in Washington State near my daughter, but will soon be home and it will be back “home” in my abode. I witnessed my father murder my mother at age 2 and I took this teddy bear with me when I was placed in an orphanage. During the war years there were few people to work in the orphanage, so this in reality was the most company I had. When I was adopted, this teddy bear went with me and in reality became my real center of comfort for my new parents were more concerned that I used my new adopted name and never told anyone that I was adopted. Later on we got a dog and he loved my teddy bear like I did and cuddles with it but loved to chew the button eyes off and tear the ears off. My mother sewed some special jiggly eyes on that had plastic lens and a black moving part inside, My dog bit down on one new eye and punctured a lens and stopped one jiggly black potion from working. That eye is still that way. One day during a fierce thunder and lightening storm my mother made fun of me for carrying my teddy bear around, so I threw him out the door into the rain and mud puddles. I retrieved him the next day and washed him and hung him on the clothes line to dry by one ear. As I grew older he was relegated to the shelf and then inside the closet. I took him off to college. I worked a full time job while going to school and had little to no money to do anything. I went into the US military for 21 years, was special ops Air Commando, have flown combat missions in three countries, and served in foreign militaries for 24 years. I am no sissy boy. Be assured that for a child to have a love figure at a young age sets the tone of their gentle personality for life. A kid can tell their teddy bear secrets and be assured those will be kept secret. Kids can bestow love and pretend in great reality that the love is retuned in even greater measure. Cheers.